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Seven Day Court Case List
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United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit: 24 Sep 2020

US v. Graham

Last status check: 27 Sep 2020
Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island
United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit:
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Last status check: 27 Sep 2020
New York City
Connecticut, New York, Vermont
Supreme Court of the United States of America: 2019-2020 Term

Mitchell v. U.S.
Barnes v. Ahlman
trump v. Sierra Club
Little v. Reclaim Idaho
Little v. Reclaim Idaho
Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley v. Sisolak
Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley v. Sisolak
Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley v. Sisolak
Raysor v. DeSantis
Barr v. Purkey
Barr v. Purkey
Barr v. Lee
trump v. Mazars USA LLP
trump v. Vance
Sharp v. Murphy
McGirt v. Oklahoma
Our Lady of Guadalupe School v. Morrissey-Berru
Little Sisters of the Poor Saints Peter and Paul Home v. Pennsylvania
Colorado Dept. of State v. Baca
Chiafalo v. Washington
Barr v. American Assn. of Political Consultants, Inc.
Patent & Trademark Office v. BV
Espinoza v. Montana Dept. of Revenue
Agency for Int'l Development v. Alliance for Open Society
June Medical Services LLC v. Russo
Seila Law LLC v. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Department of Homeland Security v. Thuraissigiam
Liu v. SEC
Kansas v. Boettger
Department of Homeland Security v. Regents of Univ. of Cal.
Andrus v. Texas
Bostock v. Clayton County
United States Forest Service v. Cowpasture River Preservation Assn.
Baxter v. Bracey
Rogers v. Grewal
Lomax v. Ortiz-Marquez
St. Hubert v. United States
Nasrallah v. Barr
Thole v. U.S. Bank NA
Banister v. Davis
Financial Oversight & Management Bd. for Puerto Rico v. Aurelius Investment LLC
GE Energy Power Conversion France SAS v. Outokumpu Stainless USA LLC
South Bay United Pentecostal Church v. Newsom
Opati v. Republic of Sudan
Wexford Health v. Garrett
Lucky Brand Dungarees, Inc. v. Marcel Fashions Group, Inc.
Valentine v. Collier
Robinson v. Department of Education
Kelly v. US
US v. Sineneng-Smith
New York State Rifle & Pistol Assn., Inc. v. City of New York
Maine Community Health Options v. United States
Georgia v. Public Resource.Org, Inc.
Barton v. Barr
Romag Fasteners Inc. v. Fossil Inc.
County of Maui v. Hawaii Wildlife Fund
Robinson v. Department of Education
Ramos v. Louisiana
Thryv, Inc. v. Click-To-Call Technologies, LP
Atlantic Richfield v. Christian
Republican National Committee v. Democratic National Committee
Babb v. Wilkie
Kansas v. Glover
Halprin v. Davis
VF Jeanswear LP v. EEOC
Archdiocese of Washington v. Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority
CITGO Asphalt Refining Co. v. Frescati Shipping Co.
Davis v. U.S.
Comcast Corp. v. National Assn. of African-American Owned Media
Kahler v. U.S.
Allen v. Cooper
Guerrero-Lasprilla v. Barr
Avery v. U.S.
Kansas v. Garcia
Guedes v. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
Intel Corp. Investment Policy Comm. v. Sulyma
Holguin-Hernandez v. U.S.
Shular v. U.S.
McKinney v. Arizona
Rodriguez v. FDIC
Hernandez v. Mesa
Monasky v. Taglieri
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Juan v. Acevedo Feliciano
Reed v. Texas
Baldwin v. US
Patterson v. Walgreen Co.
Arizona v. California
Wolf v. Cook County
Homeland Security v. New York
McKeever v. Barr
Retirement Plans Comm. of IBM v. Jander
Ritzen Group, Inc. v. Jackson Masonry, LLC
Peter v. NantKwest, Inc.
Rotkiske v. Klemm
Cottier v. U.S.
Schexnayder v. Vannoy
Barr v. Roane
Thompson v. Hebdon
Isom v. Arkansas
National Review, Inc. v. Mann
Paul v. U.S.
Rhines v. Young
Lipschultz v. Charter Advanced Services

Prior Term Decisions:

Last status check: 27 Sep 2020
Washington, DC
United States
United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit: 24 Sep 2020

Tom Tuduj v. Frank Lawrence

Last status check: 27 Sep 2020
Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin
United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit: 25 Sep 2020

Lariat Companies, Inc. v. Barbara A. Wigley

Last status check: 27 Sep 2020
St. Louis
Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota
United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit: 25 Sep 2020

Pacific Choice Seafood Company v. Wilbur Ross
Tan Lam v. City of Los Banos
Tina Cates v. Bruce Stroud
USA v. Stefan Ramirez
Last status check: 27 Sep 2020
San Francisco
Alaska, Arizona, California, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Mariana Islands, Oregon, Washington
United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit: 24 Sep 2020

United States v. Ansberry
United States v. Briscoe

Last status check: 27 Sep 2020
Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming
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